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The Expat Lady Experience

Nov 27, 2020

In this very catholic-sounding episode Mari talks to Virginia, who took her Spanish-ness and went to be a raging feminist in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

She is the brain power behind The Feminist Shop and is just so unapologetically honest and straight forward, that it’s just impressing beyond belief.

Some topics...

Nov 13, 2020

Just before her birthday, Anshita Koul invited Mari for lunch to talk about Indian mothers, gardening, r*pe culture, stand up comedy, sexism, women upholding the patriarchy and so much more.

Tune in for the most uncomfortable funny conversation you’ll ever witness.

TW: violence against women; sexual assault;...

Oct 23, 2020

After a long hiatus Mari is back in the pod tent to tell you why she loves you. And how she has spent the last few months. There's a lot of talk about mental health, the Soviet Union, why patriarchy really sucks and how our brains are as full of old crap as our wardrobes are full of junk from 2005. 

It's going to be...

Aug 14, 2020

This week The Expat Lady Experience talks about democracy and the right to vote.

Joining Mari is American middle school teacher and expat voting activist Patti, who is trying to share information and raise awareness on the U.S general election this November.

It is estimated that more than 5 million U.S citizens live...

Aug 7, 2020

This episode is another Mari-in-a-tent-ranting episode. 

She talks about feminism, intersectional feminism, what is up with Eastern Europe not dealing with their racism and all the shitty things that come to her mind sometimes about other people. There’s talk of slavery, serfdom, cultural differences in how history is...